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Big Ben
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wallaby Creek Update

My mate Ash, took some shots of Wallaby, for me.  Ash has survived the floods on his yacht, and is back in the middle of the river on his mooring.  He went out in his dinghy the other day for me and took these shots of Wallaby from the river.

She is not looking too good.  Looks like the hand rails have gone, as well as the Solar panels, Wind Generator, and the most horrible, is the noted absents of her mast, self furling head sail and boom.

I cant imagine the pressure it must have taken to de-mast her.  It is terifying .

Word from the slipways is that we still cant access her yet.  As you can see from the pictures she is still in a precarious place, and safe access is still not possible.  I just hope that the water stay around the engine, until we can get to it and try and repair the damage, before  rust sets in.

It is tough thinking about what to do next.  Part of me is thinking about selling her for what little she might be worth, and starting again with another boat, in a while when I have time and money.  But part of me wants to repair her and see her floating again.  The only thing I am sure on is that rebuilding will take lots more time and money.

Not sure what to do??

Thanks Ash for the pics!

Wallaby lying down without her mast

At least the paint is still shining

The slipway and sheds destroyed

View from the water

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  1. The pics say it all mate! Just bad luck....pure and simple. Sorry to see the devastation and hope things work out whatever you choose to do.