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Big Ben
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Recovery of a wet wallaby

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Hi im Grahame  ill be blogging on behalf of the recovery team up here from Bundaburg. We arrived in Bundaburg on Saturday the 2nd of march. The fight went smoothly from Sydney to Harvey bay. When we arrived in Harvey Bay there was a shuttle bus waiting there to collect us and drop us at the hotel. On the way we doped a lady just out side of Childers that is when the bus driver prepared the boys and i for what we were walking into he described it as a war zone. (i guess the winner of the war was mother nature)  
      We got to the hotel and freshened up than went for a walk to go to the slipways where we welcomed by Russ (the owner) he was sitting having a beer after a hard day of taking down half of all his walls in his house where the water came to. He sat James Shannon and myself down and had a chat about what we are up her for ....... the salvage of a very wet wallaby creek. He than continued to explain the ordeal he and his partner Larine went through the past month i was nearly in tears. To think that such good people had been dealt such a hard hand. He than he spoke about not falling into the depression of the town and to focuss on the job at hand which is helping my good mate Daniel and the recovery of the wallaby creek. After that we headed back to the hotel to get ready for work in the morning .
   When we woke in the morning we saw that the river had risen a couple of  metres which meant we couldn't reach the wallaby creek safely so we wait and wait. We waited for 2 nervous days while the river levels roes slowly than this morning to our delight we saw that the river levels went down not enough to get started on the recovery.Fingers crossed that we will be able to get started tomorrow...... ill keep you posted and tomorrow ill upload some pictures. Being up here just makes me feel lucky that i have a family at home and a home to go to which is more than most people of north Bundaburg .   

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  1. hi daniel

    not a lot of news of late. hope all is well.

    kenny koala